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We do our best to care for the environment around us and are committed to reducing our emissions at Wyndham Grand Costa del Sol. As a Wyndham branded hotel, our sustainability program is comprised of progressive levels, where we address energy and water conservation, waste diversion and operational efficiency, as well as guest and employee engagement and understanding. This involves taking a range of proactive steps towards implementing and continually improving sustainable practices and environmentally responsible initiatives across the Resort.

Energy efficiency

To improve our energy efficiency, we have installed LED lights all across the Resort and in guest rooms.

Minimising water use

Taps have push buttons to avoid the overuse of water. Aerator taps and dual flush toilets are other ways we’re managing and reducing water consumption.


Recycling is part of what we do and encourage our guests to do too, during their stay with us. All apartments have colour-coded waste bags, made from recycled plastic, to help separate items for recycling. Recycling points can be found around the Resort.

Environmentally friendly

Not only do our gardens look gorgeous and help boost biodiversity but our gardeners are committed to sustainable practices. Composting, water management and choosing environmentally friendly insecticides are all part of it.

Recycling harmful waste

All potentially harmful waste, including batteries and light bulbs, are recycled through a regulated company to avoid leaching in landfill.

Reducing single-use plastics

From paper straws to compostable and recyclable takeaway containers and cutlery, our restaurants and cafés avoid single-use plastics as much as possible.

Clean air

We take care to get our air-conditioning units cleaned with specially enhanced equipment to reduce toxic substances and improve their overall efficiency.

Swimming pools

Our swimming pools are filled with saltwater as it is a more sustainable option. It requires less cleaning and fewer chemicals than freshwater.

Promoting sustainability

Signs throughout our Resort promote the reuse of towels to guests so we can cut down on water and energy use together.

Recycled paper

All our toilet roll and handwipes are made using recycled paper.